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We’re Not Slave Drivers, You Know!

It was weird. I expected the seas to part. I absolutely expected lots of yelling. At the very least, I expected to be dragged to the truck by my ear. But Mom and Dad just looked at each other. They probably winked. “Fine,” they said. “Stay home if you like. Sheesh. We’re not slave drivers you know.”

You Woke Up Breathing

Me and my running partner! And my awesome Saab.

My name is Dennis Mitton and I am interested in and write about a life of active engagement and growth. Mostly for folks who are past the age of looking for the next rave. I also write fiction and non-fiction for other publications.

None of this is for perfect people. If the kid's toys are strewn about and if you are wondering if a healthy glass of wine is equivalent to a Beachbody workout, then you're probably at the right place. Most of us know how we want to improve: it's the doing part that is hard. I hope you'll find my advice and observations helpful. I'm seeking the same things as you.

The easiest way to use the site is to click on any of the menu items. You can also click on any of the category items to see all the posts under that category. I hope that you will contribute to the community and give us all the benefit of what you have learned. If you like something here please like it and share it with friends on other sites. If you don't like something that's fine, too. Let me know.

Thanks so much for coming by. To receive notification of new posts or news or of special offers just submit your email when asked to do so. Let's grow together!

Sundry: Mostly Thoughts on the Fly

Do You Hate Your Mornings?

I picked up my daughter from a class last night and on the drive home she asked if I like going to work in the morning. “Like going to work in the morning,” I asked? “What do you mean?” “You know....



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