It’s a cliché but the best way you can support the site is to engage. Read the posts, send your email in for updates, and comment on threads. Tell me if you love something and if you don’t. Tell me if you would like more of something. My real goal here, besides my obsession to write, it to help people gain a new perspective. We can’t usually change a thing but we can always change our response to it. It doesn’t happen overnight. But by constantly thinking about how to look at things in new ways we can come to where we choose our response rather let the emotions just blow up inside us. That’s the deepest message of You Woke Up Breathing. That you woke up breathing. You get 1440 minutes today. Do you really want to use them for bickering or for holding grudges or for anger? It’s your choice.

One note for transparency: I am not a charitable entity nor will your donations be tax deductible in the US. Can’t say for other countries.

Here are few ways to support the site:

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You can make a payment for my Porsche 911.

Kidding! Just trying to add a bit of levity. Some people get pretty anxious when money is the topic of conversation. If you want to know, I do not own a Porsche and, in fact, drive a 1990 Saab.


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