Month: December 2017

Perspective Number 73 – Starbucks Meltdown

…maybe she has never thought about the fact that she woke up this morning. That she has another day to feel the cold tickle the inside of her nose or to experience how good it is to grab a cup of Starbucks and wrap your freezing fingers around it to warm up.

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Do You Hate Your Mornings?

“Oh. God. No. I hate going to work every single morning that I go. Every morning I have to go, I want to stay home. I think about making a fire and having a cup of coffee and watching the stocks. You know me: I’m a homebody. I never want to leave. “

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We’re Not Slave Drivers, You Know!

It was weird. I expected the seas to part. I absolutely expected lots of yelling. At the very least, I expected to be dragged to the truck by my ear. But Mom and Dad just looked at each other. They probably winked. “Fine,” they said. “Stay home if you like. Sheesh. We’re not slave drivers you know.”

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Running Tally

6-0-1, 99

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