Month: December 2017

5 Reasons Nutritional Advice is Contradictory. Vitamin Donuts?

Diet Contradictions? Vitamin Donuts? Why is nutritional and health advice so confusing and contradictory? How can best-selling nutrition books – each with pages of references – argue for such different things?  Listed below are five facts about nutrition that should make you think hard about joining the latest food fad. The Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. Nutrition is simple yet agonizingly complex. Back in the old days when I did research, I worked on a project with a specialist in nutritional efficiency. She was trying to figure out how much of a food’s energy actually makes it to our cells....

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Diet Cults. Are You A Member?

What Passes For Diet Cult Research I received an email recently from someone who tried a diet for thirty days, lost a bunch of weight, and thought I might like to write it up on my blog. In all seriousness, I responded and said that when he had the following to give me a call: 100 volunteers for a test group who agreed to act, behave, perform, and eat the exact same things for twenty years 100 volunteers for a control set who agreed to do act, behave, and perform exactly like the test set for twenty years while...

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Do You Hate Your Mornings?

I picked up my daughter from a class last night and on the drive home she asked if I like going to work in the morning. “Like going to work in the morning,” I asked? “What do you mean?” “You know. Getting up early when the house is cold. Getting your clothes on. Eating something. All the stuff you have to do to get ready for work. ” “Oh. God. No. I hate going to work every single morning that I go. Every morning I have to go, I want to stay home. I think about making a fire and having a cup of coffee and watching the stocks. You know me: I’m a homebody. I never want to leave. ” I went on. “But…you know what? Once I’m at work, I love it. I love what I do and I like who I work with and I think my work is important. So when I don’t want to go, I remind myself how much I like it when I’m there.” She didn’t hesitate at all. She’s nine, after all, and chatty and giddy. “I know just what you mean. I never want to get up. And when I’m up, I only want to go back to bed. So I tell myself how much I like school and how much fun I will have when I get there. ”...

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Grousing About Giving

One way to reduce stress and angst in your life is to let people live the lives they choose. It’s a libertarian philosophy. As long as we are all consenting adults making choices without coercion then who am I to tell someone what to do or how to live? We can talk freely about how to best navigate through things but that’s another question. But there are a few things that really get my goat. Here is one. I listened to a podcast yesterday. It’s a daily blurb with the intent of enlightening the listener. The topic was giving and the podcaster talked about ways to touch those around you. You can pay for meals or write thank-you notes. If you see something someone might like, he said, snap a photo of it and send it to them with a note saying that you are thinking of them. Help with charity drives or in local shelters. Pay it forward. Smile at people. I was feeling all warm and cozy and then the podcaster let the air out of the balloon. The reason to do these niceties? Because people respond and your business grows. People see what a swell chap you are and want to be part of what you are doing. It’s a tit-for-tat, lets scratch each other’s back scenario except the other person doesn’t know they are being...

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…Living Is Joy Enough…

Came across this wonderful quote from Emily Dickinson today: Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough. Isn’t that the essence of You Woke Up Breathing? That simply waking up to enjoy another day is enough? So go and enjoy!...

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Yes. You Are Covered in Bugs. You and Your Microbiome

You And Your Microbiome If you are old enough and nerdy enough, you might remember the Star Trek: Next Generation episode where Dr. Beverly Crusher falls in love with a symbiont and its host. The being is lovely, sensitive, warm, and looks amazingly like a dripping wet esophagus just pulled from a dead cow. Not the stuff that human love-dreams are made of. But the host is one good lookin’ man who is able to bring Beverly and the symbiont together in, well, special ways. But, alas, the host is dying. Unable to save him, the symbiont takes on...

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Annual Goals Review. How Am I Doing? You?

This will be the third year that I’m tracking these goals. Last year’s updates are red. This year’s are green. Let’s see how I’m doing? My birthday just passed and I forgot that I wrote this post last year. Let’s see how I’m doing… My daughter in Japan called yesterday. She wished me a happy birthday and I was surprised when she asked what my goals are for the next year. Huh? She said that I always taught her that we should be improving in some area of our life and have goals to track our progress. It’s good...

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The Very Greatest and Best Writing Setup In All Of History

A short while ago, I asked what writing helps other writers use. Today, I’ll outline my set-up. Yes, these are the things that excite writers. Writing I’m always tempted to write my daily or short blog posts directly into WordPress. I like the editor and the immediate feedback. I use the Tiny MCE Advanced plug-in which accomplishes the rare feat of making something good truly excellent. I always record these posts back into Scrivener which is my primary writing and archiving tool. I also periodically backup my website. I write a lot on my phone, an iPhone 6s, which...

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