Month: December 2017

10 Essential Tips for Starting a Workout Program

Starting a Workout Program? If you are a twenty-year-old bathing suit model who runs half-marathons in your spare time for fun you can probably just keep moving along.  If you are like almost every other human being on the planet, and if you are just now starting a fitness program, here is some well-earned and well-kept advice offered in an attempt to deprogram you from some of the silly and potentially harmful exercise advice many of us have bought into: For starting out: Check-in for a check-up It’s said all the time and most people will ignore it: check-in...

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Book Review, Build Your Best Running Body

Is 1.2 Miles in 18 Minutes Technically ‘Running?’ It’s December 23rd and I’m thinking of dinner and desserts and cookies and pie. By this time next week, if you are like me, you will be in full-on guilt mode with thoughts of Improvement. I’m a huge fan of self-improvement be it learning a few new words in French or learning how to crack an egg open with one hand or in recording a daily reminder to give your child a hug. Hopefully you will start thinking of running. It’s a great sport that I fully endorse. I’m not fast...

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Picky Eating? Should You Worry. Not Much

Picky Eating Maybe you’ve seen this at your house? It’s dinner time. One child wants chicken nuggets. Wants isn’t the right word. She will only eat chicken nuggets. She might be persuaded to have a couple of tots as long as they don’t touch the nuggets. Your other child is a little more eclectic in her eating habits. She’ll eat maybe a dozen foods but with so many rules that it’s hard to know what to cook. So you count through a boring litany one more time. Nuggets? Pasta? A waffle? Cereal? By the time you’re done, both kids...

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Perspective Number 73 – Starbucks Meltdown

I went to Starbucks today to grab a tall drip and a couple of gift cards. Cups and stuff were all on sale so I ended up buying some hardware, too. When I went to pay, I reached for my phone in my jacket pocket but it wasn’t there. I like to use my Starbucks app to earn free cups. “Reagan,” I asked. “Where’s my phone?” She was using it to play Christmas music in the car. “Oh, sorry Dad. I left it in the Saab.” I looked at the guy behind the counter whom I knew to be the manager. “First-world problem,” I said. He laughed and lowered his voice. “We had a lady in here today who had a one-hundred percent meltdown because we are out of those little green stoppers for the coffee cups. Man, she absolutely let everyone in the store know just how she felt. All I could think was, jeez lady. You really need to get a little perspective.” Now, I have no clue what was going on with this woman. For all I know, she was on her way home after hearing from her doctor that the chemo didn’t work. Maybe she hiked in after leaving her car in the middle of the intersection with a flat tire. Maybe she was told that they were out of cup stoppers and thought, “Son...

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Konmari and the Joy of Socks. Yes. Socks.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up I expected to be rich long before now. You see,  I invented the original K-cup. I don’t know how old I was but it dawned on me that if you took two Mr. Coffee filters, put coffee in one, and then put the other on top if it and somehow sealed them together you could just toss the whole thing into your coffee maker and not have the mess of grounds to clean. I drew the whole thing up – true story – with my drafting kit and wondered whether I should...

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5 Reasons Nutritional Advice is Contradictory. Vitamin Donuts?

Diet Contradictions? Vitamin Donuts? Why is nutritional and health advice so confusing and contradictory? How can best-selling nutrition books – each with pages of references – argue for such different things?  Listed below are five facts about nutrition that should make you think hard about joining the latest food fad. The Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. Nutrition is simple yet agonizingly complex. Back in the old days when I did research, I worked on a project with a specialist in nutritional efficiency. She was trying to figure out how much of a food’s energy actually makes it to our cells....

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Diet Cults. Are You A Member?

What Passes For Diet Cult Research I received an email recently from someone who tried a diet for thirty days, lost a bunch of weight, and thought I might like to write it up on my blog. In all seriousness, I responded and said that when he had the following to give me a call: 100 volunteers for a test group who agreed to act, behave, perform, and eat the exact same things for twenty years 100 volunteers for a control set who agreed to do act, behave, and perform exactly like the test set for twenty years while...

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Do You Hate Your Mornings?

I picked up my daughter from a class last night and on the drive home she asked if I like going to work in the morning. “Like going to work in the morning,” I asked? “What do you mean?” “You know. Getting up early when the house is cold. Getting your clothes on. Eating something. All the stuff you have to do to get ready for work. ” “Oh. God. No. I hate going to work every single morning that I go. Every morning I have to go, I want to stay home. I think about making a fire and having a cup of coffee and watching the stocks. You know me: I’m a homebody. I never want to leave. ” I went on. “But…you know what? Once I’m at work, I love it. I love what I do and I like who I work with and I think my work is important. So when I don’t want to go, I remind myself how much I like it when I’m there.” She didn’t hesitate at all. She’s nine, after all, and chatty and giddy. “I know just what you mean. I never want to get up. And when I’m up, I only want to go back to bed. So I tell myself how much I like school and how much fun I will have when I get there. ”...

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