Month: September 2018

My Poor Pristine Saab Is Hit!

Finally the driver of the rusty boat wakes up or put down their phone or quits slapping their kid and swerves sharply back into their lane. But I hear an explosion like the crack of a firecracker way too close to my ear.

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Is Curiosity Spiritual Adultery?

I’ve never thought much about the rights and wrongs of curiosity. I’ve never thought about whether or not there were such things. I’ve never been curious enough, I suppose. I’ve accepted curiosity as one of the most joyful traits of being alive and engaged in the world.

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Seduced by Information

Back in the old days, back when your Mom dropped you off at the Tacoma Public Library, back when you had to search through four encyclopedias and a stack of texts for the answer, information was precious. What a dream the Internet was!

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Beware of Creeping Crabbiness

A component of emotional intelligence is the ability to observe yourself and to understand what drives your behaviors. I noticed something interesting about myself at work that I can use to my benefit. And to the benefit of...

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Running Tally

6-0-1, 99

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