You woke up breathing today...



You woke up breathing today and you get 1440 minutes. What in the world could steal the joy from having another day? 



I’ll get to the point:

I want to live well and long and wonderfully.

An old Roman thinker said that ‘To live well is to live long enough.’ Bunk, I say. I want to explore the good life. I want to read more books. Go on more walks. Love my wife more and spend more time with the people around me. I want to shirk disease to any extent possible. The time will come when life slips but I’m putting it off for as long as possible.

You too? This is what You Woke Up Breathing is all about.


The Rules


Easy stuff….

 No bullies
Don’t be mean
Don’t abuse
No selling
No proselytizing


Favorite Stuff


Russian Literature

Old Saabs

Any Porsche

The BBC show The Good Life

Ubuntu, Scrivener


Fun Facts

I’m not spiritual nor religious. Coffee fills this void.


Father to seven pretty great human beings.

I run a slow 5k but enjoy the scenery.

The most wonderful two years I’ve spent was caring for my dying father.

I’ve been called West Coast Dennis. It was not meant to be a compliment.

My name spelled backwards in “sinned’.

The Art of Living. A Life Well Lived. Do You Want One?

I want to live the good life. A life well lived. A thoughtful, caring life that asks, explores, connects with others, and experiences. That seeks to understand. The good life, of course, is different for each of us. But most of our ideas are going to fit into one of three buckets. I explore all of them here and I hope you’ll make your own explorations yourself. When you do, please contribute to the conversation. Your thoughts are valuable to everyone.

The Buckets

First is The Fit Life. Certainly the good life includes some level of fitness? Of learning about your body. Of enjoying wonderful food and the occasional glass of wine. All things about diet, medicine, fitness, and our bodies go here.

The second bucket is The Inner Life. While The Fit Life is a easy – it’s not hard to figure out how to run a 5k race – The Inner Life is much more personal and complex. This is where I look at books and psychologies and religious questions. I’ve been fascinated with these questions my whole life. Why did she do that? Why do they do that? If you are interested in a more thoughtful, reasoned, and open life then this is your hangout.

I wrap it all together in The Good Life. This is where the bucket meets the road, so to speak. Here I roll up The Inner Life, The Fit Life, health, relationships, travel; everything thing is tossed together and we see what comes out. Here is where I try to make sense of things we all wonder about, and try to understand how they relate to each other.

My name is Dennis Mitton. I am a coffeeist, a scientist, a father, and a husband. I am, sadly, no longer a son. I have been blogging almost continuously for about five years now. I co-wrote my first play in the seventh grade. I’m still amazed that Mrs. Dean, my English teacher, let us use a Playboy magazine as a prop for the play. Her rule was that we had to cover the pictures with paper clipped to the pages. Ha! Do I have to tell you how that went? Hi-jinx ensued!

I write about the good life. Mostly for folks who are old enough to wonder what ‘Netflix and chill‘ means.

Are you interested?

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So. Explore and enjoy and engage. Thank you for coming by. I want to make it worth your while.