A while ago, on another blog, I wrote about a woman vying for attention on the show The Bachelor. She was from small-town Missouri and showed a video clip of her hometown and family. She ended with an emphatic note: she knew who she was, she liked where she lived, and, for her, life was all about faith, family, and football.

It reads like a hackneyed Southern cliche but I was impressed. For all the journaling and meditation and introspection people do, how many are able to stare you down and smack the table and say “This is who I am!” Not many. We are far too kind and unsure of ourselves. It’s easier to buy a tee-shirt that says “I’m fierce!” than to actually be fierce.

I went out to dinner with a friend recently who had the same attitude. We were talking about work and family and about a particular thing he needed to do. I said, “Ouch. That’s gonna draw out a little conflict.” As West Coast Den, I tend to shy away from conflict. Not this guy. He laughed out load and said, “I’m a public works contractor. Conflict is what I do.” Then he laughed again. It was meaningless to him. And fun and funny.

Could you sum up who you are and what you stand for? In just a few words? With a hand smacking the table?

Or do you even need to? For these two folks I’ve described it’s clear: they don’t need to make an announcement. Or wear a tee-shirt. Their actions speak for them.

How about you?