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Blood and Love

Here’s a great one. I asked my nine-year-old daughter how she knows that she’s not a robot. Without hesitation, and with a smarminess that told me she thought the question was stupid, she blurted out “I’m...

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What Do Your Socks Say About You?

Do you read Seth Godin’s wonderful blog? You should. Recently he posted about how humankind emerged and developed in groups long before symbolic language evolved. He extrapolates from this that we are hard-wired to respond...

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Nature Never Stops and Nature Wins

Here’s a photo I took while staying at a downtown motel. Across the street, probably 150 feet up, a seed made its way to some little cranny. Do you see it? Probably a bird pooped it but such is nature. Nature will always...

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Running Tally

6-0-1, 99

Are you planning your 2018 goals? There is no better tool.

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