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Picky Eating? Should You Worry. Not Much

Picky Eating Maybe you’ve seen this at your house? It’s dinner time. One child wants chicken nuggets. Wants isn’t the right word. She will only eat chicken nuggets. She might be persuaded to have a couple of tots as long as they don’t touch the nuggets. Your other child is a little more eclectic in her eating habits. She’ll eat maybe a dozen foods but with so many rules that it’s hard to know what to cook. So you count through a boring litany one more time. Nuggets? Pasta? A waffle? Cereal? By the time you’re done, both kids...

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We’re Not Slave Drivers, You Know!

It was weird. I expected the seas to part. I absolutely expected lots of yelling. At the very least, I expected to be dragged to the truck by my ear. But Mom and Dad just looked at each other. They probably winked. “Fine,” they said. “Stay home if you like. Sheesh. We’re not slave drivers you know.”

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Running Tally

6-0-1, 99

Are you planning your 2018 goals? There is no better tool.

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