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My Poor Pristine Saab Is Hit!

Finally the driver of the rusty boat wakes up or put down their phone or quits slapping their kid and swerves sharply back into their lane. But I hear an explosion like the crack of a firecracker way too close to my ear.

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Reality vs. the Brain

Had a very weird thing happen this morning. As many of you know, I had a bicycling accident and an associated traumatic brain injury about three months ago. I’m home now and out of the hospital. Thanks very much. (You can...

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We’re Not Slave Drivers, You Know!

It was weird. I expected the seas to part. I absolutely expected lots of yelling. At the very least, I expected to be dragged to the truck by my ear. But Mom and Dad just looked at each other. They probably winked. “Fine,” they said. “Stay home if you like. Sheesh. We’re not slave drivers you know.”

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Running Tally

6-0-1, 99

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