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Blood and Love

Here’s a great one. I asked my nine-year-old daughter how she knows that she’s not a robot. Without hesitation, and with a smarminess that told me she thought the question was stupid, she blurted out “I’m made of blood and love. No robot is made of blood and love!”...

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The Power of Story

It’s easy to think that the power of story is dead. We watch You Tube, read books on-line with hyperlinks to definitions and annotations, and don’t spend nearly as much time just reading. I pray to the The Librarian every day that our local Barnes and Noble stays viable so I can at least stop by to touch a book. I know my prayer will go unanswered and only hope that one of the new Amazon stores will pop up in its place when B&N succumbs to market pressures. If you love story or if you want to remember what it’s like to hear something that moves you then tune into The Modern Love Podcast. It’s interesting: the host gives a brief introductory blurb about a letter or story and then introduces the reader, usually someone with some level of celebrity who has a connection to the theme. This week I listened to Connie Britton from the TV show Nashville (and of recent tee-shirt fame)  read “My First Lesson As A Mother.”  Britton has adopted from afar, just like the writer of the story, and she reads and clearly identifies with the story. If you can get through this story without being touched then, brother or sister, you are made of different stuff than I. The site and the stories cover the gamut of love and hurt in all...

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What Do Your Socks Say About You?

Do you read Seth Godin’s wonderful blog? You should. Recently he posted about how humankind emerged and developed in groups long before symbolic language evolved. He extrapolates from this that we are hard-wired to respond to much more than vocal communication. It’s both fascinating and a little daunting to think that everything we do and how we present ourself has a communication component that may or may not include (from Godin): words trust status culture pheromones peer pressure urgency energy I add: faith family emotions expressed dress friends receptiveness shyness Have you ever been in a group when the very air feels electric? Like anything is possible? Or the opposite? Where even standing near to someone feels like an afront? We never, ever know what will be remembered about us. We rarely have a clue about first impressions. We will rarely know what our actions or eyes or perfume will say to the people around us. Our words are possibly the least important part of our communication. Good to remember. What other kinds of communication speak to...

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Nature Never Stops and Nature Wins

Here’s a photo I took while staying at a downtown motel. Across the street, probably 150 feet up, a seed made its way to some little cranny. Do you see it? Probably a bird pooped it but such is nature. Nature will always win. There will be a day when these buildings have crumbled into dust. It’s a good reminder. Hold things a little less tightly. They go...

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Perspective #48: Consider The Lowly Cicada

You think you’re having it rough? Here’s guy, an adult cicada called an imagoe, who spends the summer sucking tree sap, making lots of noise, and searching out mates for a good time. Before that, though, these insects live for two to seventeen years underground as grubs. They’re active but c’mon – seventeen years underground? I once lived in Georgia, apologies accepted, and came upon a tree wallpapered with the empty husks of cicada nymphs. It was completely impressive. I laughed out loud in the middle of the forest when I saw it. When nymphs emerge from the ground,...

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