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10 Reasons To Run A 5K. Even If You Don’t Run

Do you run? Who cares. Have some fun and run a 5K Some of us are lonely soldiers when it comes to exercise and fitness. In all the years I’ve run, I’ve only gone out once with someone else. For me running is a way to reset a little bit and let the dross of daily living wash down the road behind me. I prefer to do this by myself. I have no beef about running with someone else but neither do I have any real desire to do so. Now my wife? Exercise for her should be a...

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Health Care According The To French

Before I moved from Washington State, I had a Canadian doctor who studied in France. When you walked into his clinic, it was like walking into something from the 1960’s. You could have filmed an X-Files episode there. His equipment was either old or looked like it had been cobbled together with pieces of equipment that no longer worked. But I loved him. I had come to him from another doctor who was all talk. That was all he did. The entire visit revolved around his one question: “So, how are you doing?” I guess if I was an...

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High Intensity Workouts and Your Heart

High Intensity Workouts Can your exercise routine kill you? Can your exercise routine kill you? Maybe. But lots of things done poorly can kill you. Water can kill you: 6 liters will kill half the people who drink that much (called the Lethal-Dose 50 or LD50). Like coffee? 120 cups will probably put you under. But what about exercise? Isn’t that supposed to be good for you? It is good for you. At least most kinds of exercise. There is evidence, though, that high intensity exercise can have negative health effects over time if done to extremes. Before the...

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