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Does Adulthood Rob From The Joy Of Reading?

Remember the joy of reading? If you loved books as a child, you know the feeling. Immersion isn’t the right word because that implies that you keep something for yourself. It’s more of a complete melting of lines. You are in the story. The story world is the real world. You are so lost that coming back to your mother’s world with the call of ‘dinner’s ready’ is absolutely confusing and annoying. For me it was anything from Boy’s Life to Spider Man to Johnny Wins the Game to Ivanhoe. Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me stay up late...

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Secrets To Improving

The Secrets to Improving The importance of doing to sharpen ourselves as we age can hardly be overstated. Do crosswords or Sudoku. Go on walks. Work in the yard. Learn Russian. Do something. Do anything. But there is usually a missing piece of the advice offered. And it’s the thing that tips the cart toward improvement rather than just maintenance. That missing part is that what you are doing should be hard. Ouch. Take crosswords, which I enjoy. There are plenty of crosswords that I can complete in ten minutes without mistakes. They’re fun and they help me maintain...

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The Genius Next Door

The Genius Next Door Wayne Dyer, whom I disagreed with on almost everything important, talked about engaging with even the boring and boorish people around you. He found that when he took a real interest in people that they would unfold to him as fascinating and interesting. There’s no magic here and no special tools are needed. People just like to be heard. To feel a little bit special. To get a word in edgewise. This has always been interesting to me. I thought about this today when I was talking with someone about getting their car worked on....

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Konmari and the Joy of Socks. Yes. Socks.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up I expected to be rich long before now. You see,  I invented the original K-cup. I don’t know how old I was but it dawned on me that if you took two Mr. Coffee filters, put coffee in one, and then put the other on top if it and somehow sealed them together you could just toss the whole thing into your coffee maker and not have the mess of grounds to clean. I drew the whole thing up – true story – with my drafting kit and wondered whether I should...

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