I can’t believe how often I think about this. Just yesterday my wife was talking about a friend who ‘really lets people make her crazy’ when certain things happen. Huh? No. Friends don’t make you crazy. Crazy is already there. Inside. It’s peeking around the corner all the time waiting for a trigger…

I’ve been thinking lately about my late pal Wayne Dyer. We disagreed about almost everything that is important but I have never read anything he wrote or heard anything he said when I didn’t come away a little wiser. It’s a testament to his ability to touch people and to communicate timeless principles.

One thing he talked about that has always stuck with me was squeezing an orange. In his typical childlike way, he asked that you imagine him holding up an orange. “What happens when I squeeze it?” It’s an easy question but you’re thinking hard about a trick answer. He laughs and says “Orange juice comes out! Why?” You contort again, looking for the trick. He answers his own question: “Because orange juice is inside!” He smiles and thinks this is hilarious. Then he hones in on the point: Don’t imagine that you are different, he explains. When you get squeezed – when work is hard or when Uncle Joe tells you how obese you used to be as a child or when you are heart-broken – things come out. They come out because they are what’s inside. Then, since he hardly ever answered his own questions, he asks again: so what comes out of you when you’re squeezed?

Sometimes I get squeezed. I get home late and the dog just peed on the floor. What comes out? Tired and crabby comes out. But the girls still want me to sew doll clothes and the kitchen still needs cleaning. There’s homework to be done and a bill to look at. What comes out doesn’t have to be considered bad but sometimes needs a little managing. It’s a time to see what I’m made of. Time to see what’s inside.

How about you? What comes out when you are squeezed?

Wayne Dyer on What’s Inside of You?