Yes. Readers will know that I’ve been out of commission since mid-May. As an explanation I will repost an entry I made on my Facebook page: more info soon! 

So good to be home after three months in the hospital. Three months ago my wife got the call from the surgeon to come and rescue me. I cannot say how blessed and happy I am that she did so. And all the kids acted exactly like I hoped they would. My two youngest and my wife spent their summer ‘vacation’ in the hospital with me in Atlanta. Not quite how a summer is meant to be spent!

So glad to be knitted back together and in our home. Everything works and that’s a miracle in itself. I still have a little work to do but to get up early and pet the dog while sipping coffee is a true joy. Thanks to @malindamitton and a host of others in the family and at both McLeod Hospital  in Florence and at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

For anyone not in the know: I was on a training ride on my bicycle for a race and was hit by a car doing about sixty mph. I’m still recovering after three months in the hospital. Gladly, the person who hit me had the humanity to telephone 911 and get me help. This probably saved my life and I learned how rarely this occurs. Usually people are too scared and just keep driving. But, in any case, that ‘s my story and I don’t recommend it!

Thanks to all and cheers!

Posting will likely resume in October / November…

Thanks to all!