What a fantastic gift this Reddit user has discovered:

Choose Joy


My daughter had a similar experience. She was provisionally approved for nursing school and needed to complete CNA training and be certified before the program would accept her. She signed up for CNA class and spent whatever time it took studying and working in a hospital to get the training that she needed.

She hated it. Nothing about the experience was happy for her. So she called me, practically in tears, about the mistake that she had made.

“Mistake?” I asked.

“Dad. I’ve already applied to nursing school. I’ve completed CNA training and now I’m ready to start school. I just wasted all that time and money. So yeah. It was a mistake.”

“Girl,” I said. “Can’t you see what a happy thing you’ve found out? Wouldn’t you rather learn now that you don’t want to do medicine? Or would you live with  it for the next ten years after you’ve spent all that time miserable in your job but stuck there to pay bills and student loans?”

She came around and found another career that she loves. I’m I’m glad for her.

But I also have a daughter-in-law who is a nurse and loves it. She is one of the heads of a childrens Psych Ward but has worked in all facets of medicine. She sees a future fork in the road with one option being medical school and another option being a PhD. I don’t know how she does it. I tend to side with my daughter’s view. As a biologist, I’ve spent plenty of time playing with entrails and I’m pretty fascinated with medicine. But working with people? Real people? Trying to satisfy the woman down the hall? Giving an IV to the man who just yelled at me? I’m glad that there are people like my daughter-in-law. And I’m glad that I don’t have to be one.

How many of us fall into something because our parents did it, or because it was a good opportunity, or because doing something is better than doing nothing? If you can help it, don’t . Find something that you love. If you are already in a career or a relationship or a place that you don’t like  then search out the things that you do like.  Changing either your career or yourself might be much easier than you think. And certainly more satisfying.

So your career is a gift either way you take it.


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