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5 Reasons Nutritional Advice is Contradictory. Vitamin Donuts?

Diet Contradictions? Vitamin Donuts? Why is nutritional and health advice so confusing and contradictory? How can best-selling nutrition books – each with pages of references – argue for such different things?  Listed below are five facts about nutrition that should make you think hard about joining the latest food fad. The Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. Nutrition is simple yet agonizingly complex. Back in the old days when I did research, I worked on a project with a specialist in nutritional efficiency. She was trying to figure out how much of a food’s energy actually makes it to our cells....

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Diet Cults. Are You A Member?

What Passes For Diet Cult Research I received an email recently from someone who tried a diet for thirty days, lost a bunch of weight, and thought I might like to write it up on my blog. In all seriousness, I responded and said that when he had the following to give me a call: 100 volunteers for a test group who agreed to act, behave, perform, and eat the exact same things for twenty years 100 volunteers for a control set who agreed to do act, behave, and perform exactly like the test set for twenty years while...

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Book Review: Healthy Advice for a Long Life

Okay. I Was Wrong I admit that I’ve been wrong. I’ve long argued that people know what healthy habits are and that we just don’t do them. So I was shocked, recently, when a friend told me that he traded in his cake and candy snacks for a jar of peanuts each day. “I’m trying to eat healthy”, he says. “Huh? You’re eating a jar a day?” “Yeah”, he said. “Better than donuts, right.” Now he was shocked. “Probably not,” I said. “Good gawd. Do you know how many calories are in a jar of peanuts? Probably more calories...

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