It’s an odd name for a website but there’s a good story.

I was listening to an interview with Larry King. So here’s the guy who has interviewed over 30,000 people from princes to paupers and now the tables are turned. The interviewer asked Larry the same question I would:

Out of all of your interviews, what is the single most important thing you’ve been told?

Without hesitation, King said that, decades ago, he interviewed a shriveled up swami from India. He asked the swami the same thing: Swami? You’ve devoted your life to enlightenment and to love and to understanding what is important. What is the most important thing you can tell me?

Larry, he said in that thick Indian accent. You woke up breathing today. He paused and said it again slowly. You woke up breathing today. What in the world would ruin that for you? What would steal that joy for you? You woke up breathing! Enjoy it!