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I'm still working out the details of my pay-what-you-can model, except that there aren't any details: I feel strongly that I write for G and don't want to charge for it. I've got friends who think I'm a daft nut who will die penniless in the dirt. Is there any other way?

Here's the deal: take whatever you want from my site. I'm thrilled that you want it. If you can afford to, leave a donation




2021 Rejection Letters


The goal is 100!

2021 Books Read


Ahead of goal!

Working on now:

Publish TBI book, end of April

Short Story 'Cardinals'

Evolution Field Guide

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Alive Magazine



Sunday Lesson

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A Dreary End

Hmm. Schultz was Polish. Yeats Irish. Maybe I should move to Japan where they honor their old folk?

Take Care of The Basics

They were both overweight, smoked, ate poorly, were inactive, and, all niceties aside, were generally gross and slovenly.


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