It’s new to me

This is old hat to you experts and mavens of efficiency. To me? It’s a revelation. It’s dopey and will probably bore you, but, to me, wow.

It hit me this afternoon: I’m an inveterate list-maker and note-taker (kind of sounds like a Zeppelin lyric, huh?), and I carry my daily journals everywhere. I say journals because one is for my ToDo lists and other charty stuff, and one is for my writing. For fun, I keep another for Koine Greek, a recent hobby of mine.

So, here I am, sitting at my Philippine mahogany desk, printing journal pages for April/May, and the printer quits. Out of ink. I slap the table and switch my wrist band from one arm to the other. I grab my green Pilot G2 0.385mm and make a note to buy black ink 225

Light bulb moment

The light bulb goes off, and most of you probably already see it: by the time I’m done writing the note, I could have easily ordered the cartridge from Amazon. Now, I’m signalling virtue here, but I prefer not to buy from Amazon. I prefer to run to BestBuy or Office Depot, where friends and neighbors work and where the company pays my city to keep the roads from crumbling. The truth is, though, that Best Buy hasn’t had this cartridge for the last two tries. Office Depot carries it, but I have to buy a box with all the colors for eighty bucks. With Amazon, I order the one cartridge in about 30 seconds, and it arrives tomorrow. It’s a tough gig to beat.

And if I go to BestBuy, I will almost certainly stop at Barnes and Noble and buy the newest Linux or Porsche magazine.

So, that’s it. I put it in the same pocket as my new attitude of doing what I’m asked to do right when I’m asked to do it. I have a well-earned reputation of getting around to doing things when I feel like doing them, and, wouldn’t you know it, I don’t always feel like it. So this is like a backpack has been lifted off my back.