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About You Woke Up Breathing and Media Stuff

I’m Dennis Mitton.

I am a Christian, a coffeeist, a scientist, a writer, a father, and a husband. I am, sadly, a son in name only.

I have been writing for most of my life. The first thing I remember writing was a twenty-page story about Johnny. I was eight or nine, and wrote it by hand on paper with wood chunks the size of quarters embedded between the lines. Johnny was a Twainish kind of kid with overalls and a straw hat bouncing on his tanned head. No shoes. He lived on a farm and learned how to work on his dad’s tractor. By the time he was twenty, he stormed the world as a champion drag racer. Shows where my eight-year-old brain was: I loved reading, football, and fast cars. Not far from where I am now.

I write here about almost anything; sorry for the mess. I’m in love with fiction that tells big truths, not easily parsed by logic.

I flatter myself, saying I suffer from the da Vinci Syndrome: I’m fascinated with almost everything. I call it the Good Life which, for me, centers on my Christianity and includes lots of books, fitness and hobbies, lifelong learning, and my wife’s head on my shoulder. I’m kind of retired now, and have spent my working life as a furniture maker, carpenter, molecular biologist and  – no kidding – rat brain surgeon, and nuclear physicist and a nuclear chemist. Travel and good food are important, too. I’m a proven breeder with seven children. My wife makes me a better human being. I run a slow 5k and collect tiny bits of licked paper used to deliver mail. I am a Seattlite, lost and baking in South Carolina. I’m pretty sure my family pays for at least one Starbucks employee’s salary. My name spelled backward is ‘sinned’. I always think this is pretty funny.



Follow at:

Here’s the truth of it: I write a lot. Just ask my wife. I have an overriding philosophy telling me that every hour I spend looking at recipes or Seinfeld’s Porsche collection or at Facebook pictures of high school buddies is an hour or fourteen that I’m not writing. So…I’m not on the socials a whole lot.

Facebook @drmitton Not here much…
Twitter dennis_mitton Not here much either…
Instagram dennis_mitton Are you seeing a pattern?


Short Bio

Dennis Mitton grew up in Tacoma, a rusty city just South of Seattle. Now? He bakes in South Carolina. He is a Christian, a writer, and a proven breeder with seven children.

Dennis loves to talk about:

  • Furniture making and any kind of woodworking
  • Writing
  • Evolution
  • Sciences, nuclear and biological
  • Christian topics
  • TBI and brain injury

Published in:

The Dead Mule Journal of Southern Literature
Alive Magazine
…several now defunct magazines


Fathers and Sons, self-published and now unpublished
Can I Fix My Brain, self-published. Scheduled for May 1


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