On Monday, I waxed philosophical about finding bugs and happiness at my entryway light . Where there are bugs, there are things that eat them. We are having a brief heat wave here which means eighty-degree days and plenty of humidity, which I never get used to. But frogs love it and I saw my first little green friend at the light this morning. Later I will see frogs two inches long or more but I don’t think this recent graduate from the tadpole side of the pool is even an inch long.

We’ve been inundated with them lately. It can be hard to sleep some nights with their chirping and croaking, and with the confluence of warm asphalt and car tires at night, I see lots of squished bodies all over the roads when I run. Why they come to my light, I don’t know. There are few other lights to draw them to my door. We have only two small trees in the yard and no standing water. Certainly no Anura Club Med. But they keep coming to form pairs or small groups to feast on moths and beetles and, presumably, to check each other out. If I were a biologist worth my merit, I would camp out on the stoop and watch to see where the frogs come from. Maybe later this summer. And not until I’m sure the gutter-snake hasn’t come back.


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