Boys Will Put You On a Pedestal (So They Can Look Up Your Skirt): Advice to Daughters, Philip Van Munching

I saw this at the library and had to read it: the title itself is worth the check-out. As a well-worn parent of both boys and girls, I’ll say that the two are different – it’s hard to believe how many people tell me they’re not. Now I’m told that the very idea of boys and girls is an evil social construct, foisted on an ignorant population my people like me: white males of a scientific nature. I would have gladly acquiesced if only my own boys and girls didn’t act like boys and girls. But, I’m a biologist and ignore anyone who preaches such silliness. 

Most often I find that people who argue that there is no such thing or that boys and girls are the same don’t have any children of any sort and have never had to wipe behinds or shield onlookers from a peeing penis. Oh well.

Yes, boys want to look up girl’s skirts. Boys, especially as they get older, have only one or two things on their minds when it comes to girls. This applies to pretty much every boy who has ever lived. Girls, who obviously have their own drives and interests, just don’t think like this and this is where your daughters can get into trouble. This funny and very readable little book can help both parents and girls understand better what’s going on with little Jimmy.

And c’mon. Admit that Van Munching is maybe the greatest last name of all time.