After reading and rereading Dahl’s children’s’ stories (which I maintain are really stories for grown-ups) to my kids, I found My Uncle Oswald at the bookstore one day and read it straight through. It’s a fantastical book that surprised me in the same way that finding a Mr. Roger’s Teaches about Tantric Sex book might. The highly and sarcastically fictional story centers around European royalty, voluntary prostitution, sex, and making a tidy living by agreeing to keep your mouth shut. It is a hoot and a purely fun read.

The writing is quick-paced and readable, and there’s more than a little social commentary underlying the plot. It’s fairly short with a good bit of sarcasm tossed in, and, like all of Dahl’s books, the grown-ups are dolts and buffoons who only think they’re in control.

A really good read – will keep you laughing for a long time.