Book Published Today!

After months in the hospital and a few years of recovery, and then after obsessive writing and editing, I hit the button today to publish my newest book, How Can I Fix My Brain? 

It’s the story of my traumatic brain injury (TBI) and recovery and is a guide to how to get on with life once you’re released from doctors and therapists. It’s borne out of my own experience: coming home from Atlanta’s Shepherd Center, my wife and I looked for a book we could use to understand what we had ahead of us and couldn’t find it. So, I did what any writer does: I wrote it.

In the book, I tell the story of my accident and recovery and then break down recovery topics and guide you in making decisions that work for you and your family. Some areas covered are exercise, nutrition, sacraments, brain games, and, well, should you have sex. That’s a short chapter. Open the book on Amazon to see a list of chapters.

My Philosophy

I have two overriding ideas woven throughout the book:

The first is to always choose your best self. Consider where you are now and where you want to be. Take steps each day to get there. Maybe each hour.

The second idea is a big one and not always spoken of in medicine: the brain is a black box. You, and you alone, are the composite of your physiology, your nutrition, your education, your culture, your loves, and your injury. I repeat it often: what is good for me, or for Josephine, might not be the best for you.

On Amazon

The book is available for free this week on your Amazon Kindle and is priced at $6.81 for a paperback copy. I have kept the price low because it’s information I want anyone to have access to. As I say in the subtitle: I’ve walked in those shoes and want to give away anything I’ve learned to anyone else treading the same water. If you like, you can go to my site at You Woke Up Breathing and leave a donation via PayPal. 

If you read it, please leave a review, any review. I just want people to read it.

See the book here on Amazon.

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New Book: TBI and Brain Injury Recovery