Hidden Treasure

I found this today searching for something else, and hope it fills you with love and hope and all things good.

Per an article from NPR, Nazis collected more than 12,000 kitchenware items from prisoners sent to Auschwitz. Why? What in the world would they do with 178 dinner knives? As part of routine work at the Auschwitz museum, a mug with a false bottom was recently discovered when it was scanned with x-rays. Underneath the false bottom, researchers found a jeweled ring and gold necklace. They are simple things but imagine the emotions of whoever put them there. Was it a father or mother? Tearing up, thinking of their son or daughter, finding love when this Nazi mess was over? What went through their mind as they slowly filed and fit the bottom so it couldn’t be found? Love? Children? A future? Hard work and the reward of grandchildren scampering through the kitchen? I hope that their reward in dying made up for whatever loss they felt here.

I have a friend who argues that people are only broken if they think they are broken. I can’t agree. I am sure the young Nazi cadet, touring the barracks and shaking dirt off his boots, would say he was doing a good thing while causing other people to hide this treasure. I am just as sure that whoever hid this, whoever wrapped paper around the necklace to keep it from clinking against the inside of the cup if someone shook it, knew they were doing the right thing, too. They can’t both be right. They can’t both have acted rightly. One had to be wrong. One had to be broken.

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