Callies in Charleston

See how I did that? Putting a recommendation on the title page? Sometimes I’m tricky like that.

I read a lot, do a lot, and travel around a lot, both in cars and on the web. Every now and then, I am astounded at what I see. Most of it is pure junk, laughably so. Sometimes, though, I’m astounded for a good reason.

For art and books, I like things that catch something not normally seen. I’m not normally a fan of genre anything, so there’s that. For food? Duh. I look for a bite that makes me grimace and shake my head, speechless at how someone got that flavor to come out of that concoction. Callie’s, above, does that. Seattle’s Cafe Campagne does it too.

For things? I like well-made and heavy, usable for at least a lifetime. I used to make custom furniture. A selling point for this expensive stuff was that you can buy a dining table now, and your grandkids will fight about it when your children pass it on to them. That’s the kind of stuff I like. Think of a Saab 900 Turbo.

For book reviews, go here.

I get no monetary kickback from any of this stuff. I just like it, and like you, too, and think you go together well.

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