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This is where I put all things Christian, religious, sacred, or intersecting any of those topics. I say it in each Sunday Lesson as either an excuse or a reason, but I attend a Southern Baptist church and am comfortable with Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and lots of the Protestor’s theologies. I read plenty of atheists stuff, too. For my basic take on theology, read Genesis 17-19 and watch how the story breaks every rule your systematic theology says is inviolate.

So, that’s a lot to chew on so poke around and see what’s here. If you like it – or if you don’t – say so.

To see the Sunday Lesson page go here. I list all of them.

Go here to read my Psalms. This is an open and on-going page of thoughts about G.

Here is where I keep my printables. These are reading checklists, study guides, chronologies, and anything I find helpful. If you would like something else, let me know.

Finally, here is everything else. Studies, essays, opinions – they all go here. If it’s not a printable, Psalms, or Lesson, you’ll find it here.