I drove to work yesterday at 5:30. It rained the night before and was still drizzling. At home, in Tacoma, an October night might bring the season’s first frost, but here in South Carolina, an October night is like a summer’s day in Tacoma, and the roads were still warm.

Wet, humid, and warm. If you were throwing a good-time party for frogs, this is it, and the back roads I drive looked like skillets of frog popcorn. I hoped to miss them, but the roads were covered with croaking amphibious looking for slugs or a hookup.

Driving through the hopscotch parade, I wondered if a quiet observer from Mars would see the same thing in human beings, especially American human beings: a mad rush to soccer practice, and shopping, and dinner, and a date, and to Facebook and Twitter. Who has time for reflection? It’s wet, humid, and warm outside, and I’m looking for a date!

Something inside of me wants to reject this pinball mindset. To slow down, to intentionally choose what is important, and to purposefully do those things.

How about you? Do you feel like a frog on a wet, humid night, or have you made it to the other side of the road where you can rest?