You know those weight loss emails? I get them all the time. I’m sure you do, too. Gladly, my email client weeds them out and rightly deposits them gently in the junk folder.  This one is from SkinnyPill at ketoskinnyhelthy. Of course, they want me to click something and I don’t. I used to go through the motions of blocking them, but it takes too long so I just skip and move on. My emailer deletes it in ten days anyway.

What I really like is this little blurb about losing weight. That’s it. That’s the entire email. I suppose if I were to click on it the Social Security Department would issue a warrant for my arrest or my after-market repair plan for the car I sold three years ago will expire. Oh well.

So I figure I should be able to shrink into the netherworld in about eight months. The scared prophet Job would probably have given his last goat for a bottle. My wife – a waif of a thing – would last half as long. I would love to engage with these weight loss geniuses but assume that it’s silly to even try. The weird thing is that I did lose 50 pounds in two months a couple of years ago. I was in the hospital due to a bike racing accident and had to be fed through a stomach tube. My wife and the hospital staff were pretty worried about my weight loss but, hey! they’re only trained medical staff. And c,mom – the folks at ketoskinnyhealth have to be smarter than that, right?