I never imagined I would be the father of seven wee bairns. One was enough for me, but they just kept coming. Now we have six pets: two dogs, three cats, and a bunny. And I feed every cardinal and bluejay and lands in the yard. It’s a veritable zoo.

We have two kittens with one just recently spayed. Her brother doesn’t get it and keeps biting her neck to get her in the mood. They’re in the office this morning, fighting and growling, with Max hoping for a romp and Ruby having none of it. I watched for a minute and cheered Ruby on. “Slap him in the face. He’ll run. You know he’s a big baby.”

She looked at me, pitifully, as if she understood me, wanting some help from the biped. He gripped her harder and, getting no help from me,  she reached over and bit his leg. Not a love bite like she was feeling on her neck, but a bite. Hard.

He had a look and squealed like he got caught in a foothold trap. He jumped straight up like a weasel, giving her a chance to scamper off with him close behind.