Crumb – Your lotto dream?

I wondered if this should be a crumb or a full perspective post, but I write it here, off the cuff, without photos or editing. So, though a crumb, the wise person will see it as a point of perspective, thoughtfully so.

I did my American duty today and bought a lotto ticket. A hundred million is a lot a money after all, and I want to do my part to make American great again. I forked over my two bucks, and the woman at the register asked what I will do if I win? I wasn’t sure. She talked nonstop, blurting that she knew exactly what she would do.

I stopped. “Okay, I give. What would you do?”

Without hesitation as if she’s been thinking about it for a year, she said she would move back to Columbia tomorrow.

Move back to Columbia.

I went back to the car bewildered. I would  – tomorrow – order a new Porsches GT3, a new bandsaw, and buy a new Apple Mac for everyone in the family. So there’s a couple hundred thousand. It’s a far cry from a hundred million.

But his woman wants to move back to Columbia. I know nothing about her story, but can’t you go to Columbia for a thousand bucks? Two thousand? Five hundred? Heck, I thought, if your lifetime dream cost nothing more than a few hundred bucks, I’ll buy it for you.

I wonder what draws her to Columbia. Family? The seaside? The forests?



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