My wife thinks it’s because ‘retirement’ snuck up on me. I went from fully employed with ten years of work ahead of me to semi-retired-disability in seven hours. I met with HR at 9:30, and by 3:30 I called them from the doctor’s office: no work.

What’s weird to me is that I look at other friends and other people and wonder if they have the same inner struggle I do. Today, for example, I have a half-page to-do list that includes chores, writing, a home business, learning – I’m working on Koine Greek right now – and reading. Then there’s the constant pressure of having the honor of aligning myself with the Kingdom character. I guess I thought that, by now, it’s all done. “Ah, no bother. They’re settled in their ways,” it’s often said.

I told my wife about this, and she asked if I thought struggle and challenges were going to stop just because I don’t go to work?

We’re both right. The struggle never stops, and it’s a daily battle to let more of the width, depth, height, and length of the Father shine through.