I don’t often do evolution crumbs, but I can’t pass this one up.

I received an email yesterday from The Discovery Institue, a Seattle based Intelligent Design think tank, announcing a long fizzled news flash: Piltdown man is one of the great hoaxes of science.

It is, but it’s presented as revealing something wrong with science. The facts are plain and well documented: piltdown was suspect from the start. For 50 years he was relegated to the footnotes of human evolution, and when the tools to finally test his remains were developed, he was assayed backward and forwards and right and left and declared to be just what everyone suspected: a fraud. In many cases, the tools used to reveal the fraud are the ones the Discovery Institute decries. Kind of like speaking from both sides of your mouth.

Look it up if you like. You can look but not comment of the site’s post or commentary which seems puerile. Oh, well. It’s hard being an agnostic.