It’s that time of year, and an embarrassment of reading riches pour into my inbox almost daily. What to do? Share.

From a grammar app I use, ProWriter sent an email with an article titled The Best Books of all Time is Each Genre. Lots to read here, and lots that I haven’t heard of. I assume, but am not sure you can get to the list without a subscription. It also includes a nice blurb about How Writer’s Read. If you’re looking for some entertainment this holiday season, it might be here.

From Brother Bill Gates, we have 5 Good Books for a Lousy Year. I’m most interested in Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World. Be putting that on my 2021 list.

If you have kids at home, or just like books for kids (I’m talking elementary-aged kids), Scholastic puts out their Delightful End-Of-The-Year Read-Alouds list. Who knows? You might get some of these at your library and retain some sanity.

Behemoth Amazon has their Top 20 of 2020 here. I haven’t read any on the list but see at least two that are on my TBR list.

For anyone interested in Bill Gates, I have a funny story. I was at a stamp bourse once, In Tacoma, Washington, looking at some nice early stuff from Finland. An older guy next to me was yucking it up and having a grand ol’ time. (A stamp bourse is where dealers take a table and set up shop for collectors. They’re usually held in large halls and  – amazingly – lots of people show.) I’m kind of a get-in-and-get-out kind of guy, but there are lots of folks who show up for the day. They look at everything for sale and talk stamps or about the good ole days with anyone who will listen. This guy was of the latter group and I heard him talking about knowing Bill.

“I heard you talking there at the other table. You know Bill Gates?”

“Are you kidding me?” he said. “I half raised him.”

“What” Half raised him?”

“Yeah,” he went on. ” My wife and I lived next door to the Gates and I worked with his Dad as an attorney. Babysat young Bill many a time,” he said.. “Changed those diapers, too.” He dropped his head and looked at me over his glasses. “And let me tell ya…Bill ain’t so pure and sweet as you might think when you get to change his diapers.”

He let out a huge laugh like this was the funniest thing he said for a week.

And that’s my Bill Gates story.