I lifted the site title from a podcast where Larry King – the absolute king of the interview – was interviewed himself. The host of the program asked the same question of Larry that I would:

“Larry, there must be at least one or two interviews that completely stand out for you – are there, and can you share one?”

Without hesitation, King went straight into the one interview he remembered above the rest.

The man himself. Photo credit LA Times.

“Back when I was doing three or four interviews a day, we squeezed in this Indian swami between a couple of more recognizable people. He was old, and wrinkled up, and looked like he could hardly stand. I asked him what you just asked me: from his life pursuing enlightenment, does anything stand out for him as most relevant? Does he have anything he can tell me to summarize his pursuit and what he has found?”

Immediately he whispered, “Larry, you woke up  today.”

“Huh?” I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly. “What? I woke up?”

“Larry,” he said again, “you woke up breathing today.”

“Hey. Better than the alternative,” I said.

“Larry,” he said again, nonplussed. “Think of it. You woke up breathing again today. Of all the things, you get another chance to love your wife and be loved by her. You get another chance to read a line of poetry. You get to interview someone and ask them what’s the most important thing they could tell you. It’s wonderful. It’s a gift.”

Driving down the road, I threw my hands up. “That’s it! That’s the name. You Woke Up Breathing. That’s what I’ll name the new site.”

So I did. And the sentiment is as true as anything I’ve ever read. Today I get another hug from my girls and a kiss from my wife. Today my boy will email and one of the older girls will call and we’ll talk about living in Milton twenty years ago. I might read a little of Mark’s gospel and might work on a story. I woke up breathing. I’m glad you did too. And I hope you take a bit of joy with you as you read through the site.

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