It’s taken a few days, but my new book on living with TBI is up for pre-sale on Amazon. See it here.

In truth, it’s about more than living with traumatic brain injury. Living with is easy. You go to sleep and then wake up. Do that every day, and you’re doing it. My goal – and the goal of the book – is to help you live well with TBI or brain injury, and to help you and your caregiver make decisions. I don’t preach and recognize that only you have your experiences and your accident and your body and your injury. I’ve learned that those together make a unique whole that responds very differently to therapies.

For more about the book, see my previous post here. Next week I’ll post the chapter I wrote on the brain as a black box: it’s the key to the entire thing. Be sure to sign up for notifications in the pop-up so you’ll be notified.