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Psalm 257

I prayed and You answered.
I prayed for success and dined on failure.

What is success? What is failure?

I asked for fifty quail for my wife and children.
You brought twenty-seven.
Our bellies will be hungry but not empty.

What if I don’t ask?

We ask becasue we need. Then, becasue of your majesty, you don’t give. Why ask?
You call us to ask, and when we ask, you say you answer.
I asked for fifty and recieved twenty-seven.

What if I don’t ask? The future is hidden from me, but not from you.
What if I prayed for ten quail and returned with twenty-seven?
Amazin success! We would bless you through the night with dancing.

Help me remember that your arm stretches outside of now, into the future and the past.
Help me remember that you live there now, in my past and future.
Help me remember that you bring help according to what I cannot know.