On Tuesdays, I often recommend something, whether a book or a site or a Swiss Army Knife. These are all things I use and enjoy and want you to at least know they exist. Don’t say I didn’t tell ya.

I admit to knowing nothing about the site’s name, but Farnam Street is a website run by a fella named Shane Parish. His goal is to glom onto what other people have already figured out so he doesn’t’ have to. Being the kind of guy he is, he is happy to share this stuff with anyone who wants to read about it. On the site, I like the Learning Community but peruse the articles, too. He’s of a philosophical bent and is an uber self-helper, and generally thinks hard about mental models. It’s definitely a deep reader’s site, having one of the flash of something like the Huffington Post of other such eye-candy masquerading as journalism.

I get the weekly newsletter and it’s one of the few I actually open every week.

Check it out. Nota bene: I get nothing in return for pointing you there. Just sayin’.

Go here to the site. He is also active on YouTube and has a podcast.